Monday, March 31, 2008

Prayers for Wednesday!

Allie goes in for Chemo on Wednesday. This will be a monster dose to get her through until they leave to go back to the Mayo Clinic in a couple weeks. Keep her in your prayers, this won't be fun but she's tough and with our love and support I know she'll get through these next couple weeks. Pray for comfort and strength to withstand the Chemo drugs and for her to keep up her beautiful positive spirit.

We're all here for you Allie!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Backstory...

I wanted to revive this old post for those who may be reading this blog for the first time. This is about the Hoskins family up to the point when Allie was first diagnosed. Since then she has been through a full round of chemo, remission, and now the cancer is back for round two. We've beat it before, we're ready to do it again!

Jeff Hoskins and Allison (Martin) met in 1995 while attending Goddard High School. I remember the day Allie approached Jeff’s sister Joy and said, ‘Your brother is so cute’. From that day on, Allie only had eyes for Jeff and we girls schemed with her to convince then, shy guy, Jeff to take her out on a date. Jeff planned an amazing evening for Allison on their first date (you remember that first big High School date!) and they have been together ever since. They were married right after high school and now, 12 years later they have an amazing family. Preston, Parker and Bailey are beautiful children with all of Jeff and Allison’s wonderful qualities – they are kind, considerate, creative, outgoing and so resilient!
In the summer of 2006, Jeff was diagnosed with Leukemia and underwent Chemotherapy for several months. He entered remission in January of 2007 and is still rebuilding his health. Allison was diagnosed in June of this year with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.
Jeff and Allison retain their resilient, positive outlook on life and are an inspiration to all they encounter! They need our thoughts, prayers and support to make it through this difficult time and that’s why we created this website!


The donation button to the right now allows you to enter your donation amount. Just click the button and fill in the amount you'd like to help out with!

Thanks everyone! The goal is to raise enough to allow Jeff to be off work while Allie is undergoing treatment so that he can be by her side at the Mayo Clinic. We can do this!


The response from people already has been overwhelming! I've gotten messages from people scattered all over the country already this morning. I know everyone wants to help. We'll be meeting this weekend to try and formulate a plan and of course all the details will be posted here soon after. In the meantime, you can donate by clicking on the link to the right or contact me at if you would like to mail a check, gas card, gift card etc.

I do want to point out that I and several of Jeff and Allie's friends have no shame and are willingly and eagerly asking for your help. This is NOT coming from the Hoskins family and although they would never solicit donations, they are gratefully and graciously accepting the help we can give them. With 3 kids at home and a possible 3 month stay out of state for treatment...they need our love and support both emotionally and financially right now.

Also- feel free to leave comments for them on this site too. I know they check it regularly and would love to see everyone's words of encouragement!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Latest News

Allison and Jeff are at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota as I type this. If you haven't kept up with the Hoskins family in the last few weeks Allie has had some bad news and her cancer is back. Here's the latest:

They are waiting on approval for treatment from their insurance company. If that all goes through the plan is for her to be treated at the Mayo clinic in about 3-4 weeks when they have their next available opening. In the meantime she will come home later this week and undergo a 2-3 day inpatient chemo treatment. Then, a break until it's time to go back to Minnesota. Once there she'll go through about a week's worth of testing including a bone marrow biopsy.

The plan of attack for the cancer is very aggressive. First, they'll collect stem cells from her body. They will give her a monster dose of chemo to wipe everything out of her system. A week later the stem cells will be put back into her system in hopes that it will be able to rebuild itself. Then it's about a 5-6 week wait as her body heals and they will monitor her blood levels, cell counts and all of that. (I know there are medical terms for all of this and someone else I'm sure could explain it much better than my lousy attempt! My medical expertise is limited to reruns of ER.)

So...dear friends and loved ones, what's next you ask?? We need to HELP them get through this. Money for travel expenses, gas cards, restaurant gift cards, anything along those lines would be great. The wheels are turning for another fundraising attempt. ANY thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be very welcome. Also, any corporate or private donations. Please contact me with any questions at and I'll keep you all updated as we learn more about Allie's treatment and our efforts to help her family get through it as easily as possible!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Back

Allison found out Monday 3/17/08 that her cancer is back and has spread to the areas around her kidneys. This time the doctors say that chemo and/or radiation won't be enough and she is looking at a possible bone marrow transplant. She has an appointment next Monday to determine the next step in her treatment.

I will be updating this site once again with news as we receive it and soon we will formulate a plan to help the Hoskins get through this latest round of cancer in their family. We've kicked it's butt twice...we'll do it again!