Sunday, June 22, 2008

They're Home!!

Allison and Jeff are back home in Wichita now. Allie says she still has some recovering to do but they're very glad to be doing it at home with all of the family back together again!

I also want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who attended the Ladies' Day event. And to Nick, Tracy and everyone else who helped organize it. Also to INK Construction and Ben Christensen at Smith-Barney. Both companies have hosted fundraising events recently. Now that they are home, Jeff and Allie are faced with the task of dealing with all of the medical bills on top of day-to-day expenses and all of this will be a big help to their family!

And thanks to everyone who has been praying for the family, calling, or leaving encouraging words here on the site. All of that is a huge blessing and comfort as well!

Hopefully more good news to come as they both continue down the road to recovery. Hopefully once and for all!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A message from Allie!

Hello everyone I just wanted to write and tell you that everything is going fine. My counts are coming up like they are supposed to and I am feeling pretty good but it is still day to day. We will hopefully be coming home the end of this week yeah!!! I can't wait to be back home. I still have some recovering to do but at least I will be in Kansas. One sad note though I was wondering if everyone could say a prayer for my oncologist he lost his little girl to pneumonia a couple of weeks ago and is needing some prayers. I love and miss you all, see you soon.

love allison

PS- I just wanted to add...this is why we love Allie so much! With everything she is going through, she's asking for prayers for someone else. Please say a prayer for this doctor and his family.

A visit from the kiddos!

Jeff's sister, Joy, has been staying with the kids at Jeff and Allie's house for the past couple weeks. This past weekend she packed them all up and took them to MN for a visit with mom and dad. They had a great time and were all VERY happy to be together for a few days!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Better News!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have spoken to Allison and Jeff everyday this week and they are doing much better than last week!!!! Allison has been up once or twice a day to take walks down the hall and check email (I know she would love to hear from you!). She is recovering from her intestinal infection and her counts are coming up! She is looking forward to seeing her children, who will be visiting the Mayo Clinic this weekend. Kris (Rzeszotarski) Perry drove down from Hudson, WI last weekend to visit Allison and Jeff and I believe this helped them both a great deal!! Jeff said Allison talked more that day than she had in two weeks! Things are looking good - THANK YOU everyone for your support!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News from the family...

I got this email from Jeff's sister, Joy. Sounds like we need to keep praying hard for both Jeff & Allie!

Hi Jennifer,

I have been in Kansas now for two weeks and absolutely loving every minute with these kids!

I have attached two pics of Allison, which I think you should post on the website, if possible. She is going through her toughest period, and I think people need to be aware. She had the transplant on Friday. She felt pretty good during the weekend, but as expected, she has entered the battleground and is now suffering severe bone pain and nausea. Jeff is at her side, but I worry he is drained. He is still taking chemo pills every week and they cause him to have migraines for a couple of days. Allison's doctors are considering putting Allison on feeding tubes due to the amount of weight she has lost, but have held off due to the risk of infection. Today, her white count was 0 and her platelets were 18,000 (normal is 150 to 300 thousand). If her platelets drops to 12,000, she is expected to receive blood transfusions. This is normal for stem cell transplant patients. She is very weak and very, very sick. When I speak to Jeff on the phone, I can hear her crying and moaning in the background. They need all the support they can get.