Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Backstory Again for New Visitors!

I wanted to revive this old post for those who may be reading this blog for the first time. This is about the Hoskins family up to the point when Allie was first diagnosed. Since then she has been through a full round of chemo, remission, and the cancer came back for round two. She has been to the Mayo Clinic for a Stem Cell Transplant and more chemo. Please read through the update posts below and keep an eye on this site for more updates to come as Jeff & Allie continue to kick Cancer's butt!

Jeff Hoskins and Allison (Martin) met in 1995 while attending Goddard High School. I remember the day Allie approached Jeff’s sister Joy and said, ‘Your brother is so cute’. From that day on, Allie only had eyes for Jeff and we girls schemed with her to convince then, shy guy, Jeff to take her out on a date. Jeff planned an amazing evening for Allison on their first date (you remember that first big High School date!) and they have been together ever since. They were married right after high school and now, 12 years later they have an amazing family. Preston, Parker and Bailey are beautiful children with all of Jeff and Allison’s wonderful qualities – they are kind, considerate, creative, outgoing and so resilient!In the summer of 2006, Jeff was diagnosed with Leukemia and underwent Chemotherapy for several months. He entered remission in January of 2007 and is still rebuilding his health. Allison was diagnosed in June of 2007 with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.Jeff and Allison retain their resilient, positive outlook on life and are an inspiration to all they encounter! They need our thoughts, prayers and support to make it through this difficult time and that’s why we created this website!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Allie got the results of her scans back this morning and they are CLEAR!! Wooohooo!! She'll have them done again in 3-4 months to follow up.

Yay for good news!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Waiting for Results

Allie had her scans done on Tuesday and should know something by Monday the 11th. Keep your fingers crossed but we KNOW it will be good news!!