Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News from the family...

I got this email from Jeff's sister, Joy. Sounds like we need to keep praying hard for both Jeff & Allie!

Hi Jennifer,

I have been in Kansas now for two weeks and absolutely loving every minute with these kids!

I have attached two pics of Allison, which I think you should post on the website, if possible. She is going through her toughest period, and I think people need to be aware. She had the transplant on Friday. She felt pretty good during the weekend, but as expected, she has entered the battleground and is now suffering severe bone pain and nausea. Jeff is at her side, but I worry he is drained. He is still taking chemo pills every week and they cause him to have migraines for a couple of days. Allison's doctors are considering putting Allison on feeding tubes due to the amount of weight she has lost, but have held off due to the risk of infection. Today, her white count was 0 and her platelets were 18,000 (normal is 150 to 300 thousand). If her platelets drops to 12,000, she is expected to receive blood transfusions. This is normal for stem cell transplant patients. She is very weak and very, very sick. When I speak to Jeff on the phone, I can hear her crying and moaning in the background. They need all the support they can get.


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