Monday, August 11, 2008


Allie got the results of her scans back this morning and they are CLEAR!! Wooohooo!! She'll have them done again in 3-4 months to follow up.

Yay for good news!!


kellileascott said...


Hey this is Kelli Scott (Niemann)...who once cheered with you decades ago. I have been watching your families blog for a while now and praying for you all. I don't know if this blog goes to you or if you even read what is posted (everytime I think I get this computer stuff down, there is something new I don't know)! Just recently I noticed an entry about your oncologist and his daughter. Is your oncologist Phu Troung? My husband is an anesthesiologist resident with his wife. And they had recently lost their daughter to pneumonia. Anywho, Dr. Troung is awesome and you are in GREAT care. His family is doing well. They too have a great support system. I know their family greatly appreciated all the well wishes and prayers. You and your family are very kind. Best of luck with the next round of scans...I am sure they will be clean. Please let me know if there is anything you all need. I hope to be in town for the next set of fundraisers. And I love that Jeff's and I 10 year reunion is holding a fundraiser. Working in the hospital, I know how much things is crazy. Sorry about the novel I wrote...I have always been long-winded! God Bless.
Kelli Scott (Niemann)

stephanie said...

YES!!!! I'm so happy to hear good news for you! Love you much and pray for you always!Hope to see you all soon!

Stephanie Cullinane