Monday, July 30, 2007

Thanks Local Businesses!

Here are just a few of the local businesses participating in Hope 4 The Hoskins:

Mary Kay Cosmetics
Pampered Chef
At Home America
Red Beans Bayou Grill
Tastefully Simple (Lynette Fleetwood 773-1627)
Party Lite (Courtney Fleetwood 773-1627)
Wichita Marriott
Sunburst Tanning 686-1281
Super Suppers or
ChildhoodMemories Daycare
PawPrints Photography
Holiday Inn Select 686-7131
KZSN & Rockin' Rick Regan
Wichita Eagle
1045, The Fox's Jan & Phil Show
Kay Wiggins Jewelry
Tails N Scales
B98 FM

More to be added soon! These businesses are supporting the Hoskins Family...go out and support these great businesses! Thanks!!

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