Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A note from Rockin' Rick @ KZSN!

Rick has been so kind as to give us lots of promotion on his afternoon radio show on KZSN102.1 FM. Below is a link to his page which contains a video everyone should check out. This is a cause that Rockin' Rick believes in and since he's supporting ours- we want to do the same! And hopefully it will help another family to catch this early and be one step ahead in the fight against cancer. Because as the top of this blog says- it's all about Kickin' Cancer's Butt!

I know that you are very busy. If you get a few minutes please watch the video about Inflammatory Breast Cancer on my webpage. It is very important that we get the word out about IBC. After you watch it you may feel like sharing this link with all of your friends. Every woman needs to see this.

http://www.kzsn.com/pages/rockinrick.html Scroll down to middle of page

Rockin' Rick Regan

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