Wednesday, August 1, 2007


So far we've had over 300 hits to this site and the response from our community has been absolutely amazing. So many businesses have stepped up with donations, the media has been generous with air-time and website space. And I've gotten emails from old friends as well as complete strangers offering help, donations, and prayers.

I can't thank everyone enough for what you are doing to help the Hoskins Family. And I hope that you all understand just how much it means to them, as well as the friends and family who are organizing this in their behalf.

Jeff and Allison are two of the sweetest people you could hope to meet and I know in my heart that if I were in their shoes, they'd jump right on board to help me out. They have never asked for help and are humbly and graciously accepting what we are trying to do for their family. The money we are able to raise will help with the mounting medical expenses from not one, but two bouts of cancer in the last year. But more than that, it will buy some peace of mind. It will buy two less-stressed parents for Preston, Parker & Bailey. It will help to take care of some of the everyday things so that Jeff and Allison can concentrate on resting, healing and becoming the strong, vibrant, fun-loving, wonderful people they have always been.

I personally have been very humbled and amazed at what our community will do to help it's own. I've seen it before but have never been so closely connected to it. I have gotten a few emails from people praising me for my role in this. I want everyone to know that although I have updated the blog and been the contact person for a lot of the media, I am not alone in this venture. Joni Berblinger, Jessica Rajtar, Jamie Pearson & Misti Stephen have been working their tails off behind the scenes. They're doing the "real work"!! And YOU!! The people checking the website, sending the emails, calling the radio stations for info, buying door prize tickets, making plans to join us guys are making this happen! Me, I'm just some chick who figured out how to make a blog! :)

All that rambling to say this... THANK YOU!!!

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