Thursday, April 3, 2008

She's a Trooper!

Today was Day 2 of 3 days of Chemo. Allie says she's tired and a little queasy but doing good. One more day tomorrow and then she'll have a little bit of a break. She says to let everyone know she's doing OK and loves you all!


Heather said...

It's your long lost friend Heather! I dont' know how to reach you. It makes me sick that we haven't kept in touch and that I'm hearing all that you've gone through so late in the game. You and your family are now in my daily prayers. I'd love to hear your voice again. You will always be one of my best friends. Please email or call me when you can. Email is, and cell is (316) 644-1857. I know you can beat were always stronger than me! :) LOVE YOU!!!!

Melissa said...

Good Luck Allison! I'm praying that all will go well for you!


stephanie said...

I'm gald you're doing ok, your strength and spirit are so strong! I love you and am praying for you all day, every day. LOVE YOU!
-Stephanie Cullinane

Debbie said...

Sony, you have so many people praying for you. Keep strong and believe that you are going to beat this. I love you!
Aunt Debbie XOXOXOXO

Joy said...

jAllison, I think of you every single day! We love you and can't wait to see you! Logan is making plans for this summer with his cousins! Keep all of your energy focused on turning every cell into a healthy one and we'll be doing the same!!! We're going to make some fun plans when this is all over!

viviana said...

Allison, your surro baby Madison and her family from Argentina are thinking of you 24 hours a day!!!
Our minds are in Wichita with you! And we are all traveling to Mayo Clinic with you!!!
You need to get over it and expect my visit very soon and play with me and see how beautiful I am!!!
Madison and family! So far away but so close to you!!!!