Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day Two

Allie said today was a little easier and tomorrow shouldn't be too bad either. She's in good spirits and is very grateful for all her wonderful friends and family.

Keep it up everyone...one day at a time!


Joy said...

Added note to Allison's comments...Jeff said the Mayo Clinic is almost like Disney World. You catch a bus early in the morning and upon arrival, you're given a map, a bottle of water, and a "good luck" as you traverse the underground tunnels linking the multiple buildings, seeking your place in line. Of course,your destination is not a Disney ride, but another medical test. They have to be at their first appt. at 6:45am and the tests continue until around 5pm. Jeff said Allison fell asleep immediately after returning back to their apartment the first day, but awoke around 9pm with an appetite for a Dairy Queen Blizzard! Not too far off from their daily temperatures, which barely make it to the mid 40s.

patty wood said...

When you feel a gentle breeze caress you when you sigh, it's a hug sent from Heaven from a loved one way up high. If a soft and tender raindrop lands upon your nose, they've added a small kiss as fragile as a rose. If you awaken in the morning to a bluebird's chirping song, it's music sent from Heaven to cheer you all day long.