Friday, May 23, 2008

Today's Update!

Hello everyone I just wanted to give you guys another update on how things are going. Collections went very well I collected over 7million stem cells in two days which is wonderful. Now for the bad stuff I check into the hospital on Sat. to start chemo and then should get the transplant on the 30th. Not looking forward to being sick but it is a next step closer to being done yeah! I have been feeling pretty good just a little tired but thats ok. I love and miss you all and I will try and keep you updated as things go on. Love and miss you all.

love allison


Virginia Ricky said...

Hi Allison,
We are continueing to pray for you.
I attended the Ladies Day Fund raiser & had a great time. Nick did a fantastic job.
Just wondering how much was raised. Love,
Great Aunt Virginia

kara said...

Glad to see everything is going well!

patty wood said...

I felt a feeling unknown to me and yet it felt like home to me, the very best, a place could be. Eyes were open revealing heart it felt like love the purest part. Washed by healing waters flow inner peace and an inner glow. Flowers, colours, life had grown a better feeling I've ever know. It felt like love, no lease, could own it was for free more strengthe than stone. The strength it felt to me un known and yet I felt it was my home. May God give you strenth for days to come.
Love you!

stephanie said...

Glad to hear things are going well and you are feeling okay!! missing you and praying for you!! Love you Sony!

Debbie said...

Hey Sweetie - just a little note to let you know I'm thinking about you. I hope you're wearing your mask!!! We all love you and hope you come home real soon. XOXO Aunt Debbie

patty wood said...

For God is my strength and my redeemer let Him hear my cries for help. Let him reach down from Heaven and touch my heart in a way I've never felt. Let Him forgive me for my failures and may he bless me for my faith. For God will guide my every step, my every step I take. Let the evil pass without harm and let the sun warm up the day. Let God my savior take my arm and walk with me the way.
love from your family in Texas