Sunday, May 11, 2008

More from Allie

Hello all, I was just writing to let you know how things are going. Things have not been that good this week. I went into the hopital on Monday with alot of pain, chills, fever, and upset stomach, they thought it might be my stem cell shots but it wasn't instead I had some kind of bacterial intestinal infection called C-dif. They also found out that my stem cell shots aren't working and so now we have to meet with the doct. on friday for plan B. I am trying my hardest to stay positive but it is getting really hard, I need a little brake I am so sick of being really sick. I got out of the hospital today but I still only feel about 50 %, I will let you know how things go this will obviously make are trip a little longer than expected. I love and miss you all please keep praying for me, I need it.

Things are going to be put back about a week because of me going into the hospital and because of the growth factor shots not working. We are going to try a new drug and we start everything the 17th and buy the 21st we will be collecting, and they will collect until they get five million stem cells. I am trying so hard to keep my spirits up but sometimes I just cry. I miss everyone so much and I miss life being normal so much it kills me.


Niki Messer Smith said...

Sorry to hear that things aren't going as planned and that you are feeling so down. Please remember that you have so many people praying for strength and healing here at home for you. Hang in there, girl! You are a tough cookie to have made it through all you have endured so far! We all love you! Niki

Michael said...

Hang in there....we know you can do it. We are always praying for you and miss you much!

Mikey and Abby

stephanie said...

i'm so sorry allison...keep up the fight...i've never met anyone more strong than you...praying for you, missing you, loving you...

God Bless,